Current Auction End Sept 25th 9 PM est time

Long Island Auction’s Policy:

Shipping Policy – Please see HomePage for shipping rates

Time Zone- time is set to eastern time zone

Note: The minimum order amount must be met in corals before considering sales tax and shipping charges.

How to Bid 

Bidding will be in $1 increments, with no reserve price.   You are able to put your maximum bid in and the system will auto bid for you.


Lets say the current bid is $10, if you bid $17 in the System, they system will be $11 for you, and if someone else bids $12 it will automatically bid $13 and so on until your maximum bid amount is reached.  This will help if you’re not available to bid when auction closes.  

There is a qlich in max bid-  so if you see 2 bids for the same price-   the person on top is the winne bidder-  So if you want to win that coral you need to bid $1 more –  will have that fix by next auction 


Please reach out to me with any questions


Please add all your auction winnings to your cart before checking.

Kindly contact me by email or I can be reached on Facebook.  Please check out your cart within 72 hours. Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of your corals.
Once your corals have been paid, I will hold your corals for a couple of weeks if need be.


If you reside on Long Island and prefer to pick up your winnings in person:

Please still check out your corals even if picking out locally.

Also please reach out to me to arrange a pickup time and date.

For any questions or inquiries, please email me at [email protected].

Thank you,

Note: Please visit my Facebook group at